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What You Can Do Today to Become a Board Member

The process of becoming a director may seem mysterious and magical – as if an invisible hand takes a few select professionals and gives them a corporate board seat.

This, of course, is a myth. The reality is much more intentional than magical. In fact, clear intention, educated choices, coherent strategy, time investment and flawless execution are all you need to eventually make your director dream a reality.

In this webinar, board expert and Watermark Make Your Mark Advocacy Award winner Olga Mack will address five questions that most professionals have in the beginning of their journey:

What are the key responsibilities of a board of directors?
What type of board opportunities exist?
Why serve on a corporate board of directors?
How do you land a corporate board position?
What are the best ways to build great relationships that can lead to a corporate board seat?


Building Women Up

“Shark Tank” Pitch Competition

BOLLY 92.3FM Women Serve on Boards Update & Future Plans

Board Service Basics

The HR Nightmare Before Christmas

As the joy of the season descends upon us, the traditional “company holiday party” has visions of sexual harassment allegations dancing in the heads of our HR and Legal teams.  Our panel will discuss best practices to prevent such problems at your company’s holiday party, share war stories of holiday parties gone awry (to learn the lessons of others’ mistakes), and will serve as a jumping off point for a larger discussion about the heightened awareness around sexual harassment in the workplace that is sweeping the nation.  

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Angel Investing for Women

We invite you to join the event for CLUB members to discover the path and inspiration to becoming an angel investor. This candid discussion will focus on why invest and how to leverage investing opportunities to impact the world, enrich your life personally and professionally, maximize your returns, and join a corporate board of directors.

Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), San Francisco Bay Area

General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer Initiative


California Women Lawyers In-House Counsel Network, Puzzle Series Pursuing a Corporate Board Position

Women on Corporate Boards: the path and inspiration

We invite you to join the event for CLUBmembers to discover the path and inspiration to the Boardroom. The event will be hosted by Olga V. Mack, founder of Women Serve on Board movement and General Counsel at ClearSlide, Inc.

This event will consist of a panel discussion featuring Linda Graebner, former CEO of Tilia, Inc., Executive Chairman of Chef’n Corp and director atof Taylor Precision Products and C. Mondavi & Family Winery, Nola Masterson, former Founder and CEO of Sequenom and director at Repros Therapeutics and Zivo Biosciences Inc., and Carly Alameda, litigation partner at Farella and director at Mammoth HR.


Kerwin Associates Law In

Pursuing a Corporate Board Position

San Francisco, California

It has been shown that corporate board diversity increases the bottom line, lowers risk profile, and enhances a company’s reputation. Board members who bring different perspectives and different skills and experiences can and will ask different questions, identify different opportunities for growth, and help a company keep pace in the rapidly changing marketplace.

Nevertheless, certain groups are statistically underrepresented in the boardroom. For example, women currently hold only approximately 20% of board seats at Fortune 500 companies. Lawyers, who often have extensive involvement in the boardroom and savvy business acumen, don’t fare much better in actually earning a seat at the table.

Carly Alameda and Olga Mack invite you to join them for a conversation addressing the opportunities, challenges, and strategies for pursuing a corporate board position. They will share what they learned over their year-long journey interviewing board recruiters, CEOs, GCs, and current board members for their recently completed electronic book All [A]Board: Insights and Inspirations for Your Journey to and in the Boardroom.

The event will also feature special guest SC Moatti, managing director of The Angels’ Forum and founder of Products That Count, who will contribute her perspective on joining and succeeding in the corporate boardroom.

California Women Lawyers Annual Meeting

San Diego, California

Insights on Women and Boards

Only  20.2% of Fortune 500 board seats are held by women even though more than half of management occupations are held by women, and there are still about 19 Fortune 500 companies with all-male boards! According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) and the Equilar Gender Diversity Index (GDI), at this rate it will take 40 to 100 years to reach parity on American corporate boards. In the face of these challenges, groups like Women Serve on Boards are fighting to see more female role models and leaders at every level of corporate leadership.  At our March event, Olga Mack, CLUB member and founder of the Women Serve on Boards movement, will introduce the movement, discuss what she has learned, the results she has achieved, and her vision for the future.  Learn how you can help improve these grim statistics and step up your career – start your board-readiness journey with this engaging event.

Palo Alto, California

Breaking Glass Forum for Women Executives

Innovation, Influence & Intersectionality

Too often, women are seen as monolithic, one-dimensional stereotypes and not the multi-faceted people we are.  Each of us brings different layers of identity to the table – woman, person of color, immigrant, gay, etc.  And this intersectionality can give us unique leadership challenges in the workplace.  Join this Executive Forum to transform these challenges into opportunities and take your leadership to the next level.  Expand your connections, engage in real problem solving and become your most powerful self within a strong, supportive community of women executives.

This summit will gather the world’s most dynamic entrepreneurs and executives to discuss how to succeed in the workplace. The summit is a prime opportunity for you to air your personal and business challenges, and learn from women and men who have successfully solved them.