Olga Testifies Before the California Senate Judiciary Committee

Women Serve on Boards’ founder, Olga Mack, testified before the California Senate Judiciary Committee in support of Senate Bill 984. In the testimony, she discussed the benefits of women serving on government boards and giving them leadership opportunities. Her key points included:

One: Government service often garners public visibility and may provide recognition for outstanding performance on the job.

Two: Many government boards touch substantive areas of law, business, and community and thus provide an opportunity to learn new substantive and leadership skills.

Three: Overseeing these agencies and projects can provide opportunities for growth and responsibility, such as increased leadership, budget, and management skills.

Four: Service on government boards helps to build a reputation of integrity and ethics because members of government boards are ultimately accountable to the public.

Working with the sponsor of the bill, Equal Rights Advocates, Olga argued that this bill was an opportunity for the State of California to lead by example and show the rest of the nation, world, and corporate America how inclusion is done right and in our lifetime.