F500 Agribusiness Companies

Women Serve on Boards’ new social media campaign targets the remaining 19 Fortune 500 companies that have zero women on its Board of Directors. Until recently, 4 of those companies were in the of business in agriculture and food sectors. Women Serve on Boards is proud to announce that now the agribusiness sector only comprises three of those companies with the news of Land O’Lakes adding Joyce Cacho to its Advisory Board!

Lansing Trade Group, Seaboard Corporation, and CHS, Inc., you should follow Land O’Lakes lead and add a woman!



You have products similar to Land O’Lakes, such as Butterball. This company is customer-facing recognizable brands often targeted to women shoppers. You are also the Top 3 pig producer in the U.S. Your products reach almost every household in America. There is no excuse. The top two industries with the largest percentage of women on boards include household and personal products, and food, beverage, and tobacco, 26.4% and 21.4% respectively. These industries represent a percentage of Seaboard’s products. Adding at least one woman to board will increase the company’s ability to maintain its competitive edge within these industries, as well as better target the largest body of American consumers—women.

CHS, Inc.

You are a cooperative, just like Land O’Lakes, with a similar Board structure and female leadership at the executive management level. You just announced the appointment of Nanci Lilja as the new President of the CHS Foundation, funded by charitable contributions from CHS Inc. You even have a program dedicated to Board development, focused on cooperative leadership development. “You can also take advantage of a number of other opportunities for you to explore board leadership, develop advocacy skills, learn about resources, and much more … all while voicing your opinions so that the company you own – CHS – successfully evolves to serve you, your children and your grandchildren.” How do you expect the members of your cooperative and 16,000 preferred shareholders to trust your services and strategic direction when you lack representation from 50% of the population?

Lansing Trade Groups

You claim that your roots are anchored in innovation, and that you are an entrepreneurial trading company. You believe that your customers and people are critical to your success. Yet, how innovative are you if you’re last in line among the F500 companies for appointing a woman to serve on your Board? How much are people critical to your success if you leave out half of the population in your business decision-making?

How is it that none of these companies have appointed a women to its Board of Directors yet?