Land O’Lakes Adds Joyce Cacho to Its Advisory Board

Today is another day for Women Serve on Boards to celebrate! Land O’Lakes announced that it added Joyce A. Cacho to the Advisory Board.  Last year, Women Serve on Boards sent letters to the Land O’Lakes CEO and Chairman of the Board urging them to make board diversity a priority, and reconsider the structural framework that limited the company’s representation of women among 24 of the 27 members. Specifically, we noted that while 24 members of the Board of Directors are appointed by Land O’Lakes’ dairy and agriculture business, the Chairman had significant influence over the 3 non-voting advisory members at a minimum. We are thrilled that despite the company’s unique co-op structure, its leaders still took action. Congratulations!

New Board Members Pose For A Photo.
From Land O Lakes’ website: “In addition to the 24 member-elected representatives, the board may appoint up to three advisory board members to serve as non-voting members for one-year terms….We are happy to announce our newest advisory board member: Joyce Cacho.

Joyce A. Cacho comes to the Advisory Board with a background in finance, risk management and agribusiness. She previously served on boards for the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative, Winrock International and Agriculture and Applied Economics Foundation. Joyce received her master’s in agricultural marketing policy and a doctorate in Agribusiness, Corporate Finance and Policy from the University of Missouri.”

With our petitionssocial media and direct letters to the Land O’Lakes executive teams, the whole Women Serve on Boards community has been heard and helped enact change. Be proud.  We applaud Land O’ Lakes for taking the needed action towards board diversity. But our efforts won’t cease at just one woman, there should be many, including one its 24 member-elected Board of Directors. However, today counts as a victory and a huge stepping stone for Land O’Lakes to continue addressing gender disparity within corporate settings. We’re inspired to keep fighting for change and excited to see Joyce’s impact on shaping the company’s future. It’s moments like this that make everyone’s efforts fruitful.