F500 Entertainment Company

Women Serve on Boards’ new social media campaign targets the remaining 20 Fortune 500 companies that have zero women on its Board of Directors. Caesar’s Entertainment is one of those. This company is the largest owner and operator of casinos around the world and  touts diversity and opportunity for all on their website: “We maintain an inclusive workforce, with 52% of our employees from minority groups.”

The company also attributes part of its success to its diversity, specifically hiring women: “We have always celebrated women at Caesars and our open and gender-balanced culture is demonstrated by the  fact that 55% of our employees and 42% of our managers are women. We believe that women are good for business, and that a culture in which women (and men) can progress on merit enables us to best serve our guests and society in general. It’s also the right way to do business.”

How is it that they haven’t appointed a women to their Board of Directors yet?

The company has proactively taken steps to fight gender inequality from the bottom, but now it needs to transpire to the top. This global company is in an optimal position to continue its diversity efforts. It is the most geographically diverse U.S. casino-entertainment company, which means the groundwork has already been laid and just needs to be cemented by adding a women to its Board of Directors!