Women Serve on Boards Partners with The CLUB

Women Serve on Boards has collaborated with The Women’s CLUB of Silicon Valley, to showcase the many capable and ready women interested in becoming board members. The CLUB provides a unique environment that offers the opportunity for women leaders across industries, and career stages, to connect and build a critical mass of women leaders in Silicon Valley.

The Women Serve on Boards movement has identified that companies lacking women on its boards is an issue of demand, not supply. To help companies access this talent pool, we have partnered with The CLUB to highlight various women in the community who have the aptitude and experience to fill a Board of Director position at a for-profit organization. The CLUB recently launched this initiative and is currently collecting names of members interested in increasing their visibility to serve on boards, especially private or public for-profit boards.

Offering this bank of talent will help move the needle closer to gender equity within corporate leadership.

About The CLUB:

The Women’s CLUB of Silicon Valley is a leadership incubator and professional network for SF Bay Area women. Founded in 2012, the CLUB builds a talent pipeline through high-impact  programs, networking and support. Women who would like to be considered for CLUB membership may apply here.

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