The #FaceofFeminism

Women Serve on Boards rolled out a new campaign featuring key cultural figures and celebrities who have self-declared being a feminist. The campaign highlights the spectrum of male voices who believe in gender equality and have made their stance public.

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In pursuit of Women Serve on Boards’ goals to address gender disparity in corporate settings, especially boards of directors, our #FaceofFeminism campaign encourages others to embrace inclusive conversations among men and women. While many women work to help other women, more success will be brought forth if both genders recognize the need and join forces to put diverse faces in the boardroom.

Jospeh Gordon-Levitt created a video about feminism in 2014, where he explained his thoughts on what the word means and requested viewers to respond with their interpretations  for his online community at

Pharrell Williams has historically advocated for equality. He has been quoted by Time saying, “I do support feminists. I do think there’s injustices. There are inequalities that need to be addressed.” While touring in Europe, he announced his endorsement for the leader of the Swedish Feminist Initiative: “Let’s give women a shot for once in a while to try to run this world.”

The comedian, Aziz Ansari, has said “If you look up feminist in the dictionary, it just means someone who believes men and women have equal rights.”

As part of Elle UK’s feminist issue in 2014, celebrities toted t-shirts saying “This is what a feminist looks like.” in support of equality in the UK. This iconic campaign was created by the Fawcett Society, the UK’s largest membership charity for womens’ rights, in an effort to make change happen. Women Serve on Boards is joining the fight with our Face of Feminism campaign on social media and encourage everyone to participate in any way possible.