Discovery Communications Adds Susan Swain to the Board of Directors

It’s waking up to moments like this that make everyone’s efforts fruitful. Today Discovery Communications announced that it is adding Susan M. Swain to their Board of Directors, effective December 2016. Congratulations! From Discovery’s press release:

susan-swainSusan is co-CEO of multiplatform public affairs content distributor, C-SPAN. “Susan Swain has a proven track record of leadership at a highly respected multichannel media organization, as well as decades of accomplishments in strategic operations, consumer engagement and branding,” said Robert Miron, Chairman of Discovery’s Board of Directors. “Her skills and expertise honed at C-SPAN will add tremendous value to Discovery’s board as we look to move the company forward in this time of enormous change and opportunity across the industry.”

“A strong executive and accomplished cable programmer and author, Susan is a fantastic addition to Discovery’s well-regarded board of directors,” added David Zaslav, President and CEO, Discovery Communications. “We welcome her unique perspective, governance and operating expertise as Discovery continues to grow and diversify in new content and digital platforms around the world.”

From our petitionssocial media to the direct letter to Discovery Communications executive teams, the whole Women Serve on Boards community has been heard and helped enact change. Be proud. Discovery Communications is now one of the 5 companies from the 24, that had 0 women as of March, to add a female to their Board of Directors. We couldn’t be more thrilled at this rate of change, and we applaud Discovery Communications for taking the needed action towards board diversity. But our efforts won’t cease at just one woman, there should be many. However, today counts as a victory and a huge stepping stone for Discovery to continue addressing gender disparity within corporate settings. We’re inspired to keep fighting for change and excited to see Susan’s impact on shaping the company’s future.