Dino List

IMG_3342According to the 2020 Women On Boards Gender Diversity Index, in 2015 “20.1 percent of board seats [in Fortune 500 countries] were held by 1,012 women — an average of 2.2 women directors per board.” Moreover, the Fortune 501-1000 are adding women directors, albeit at a lower rate. In 2015, the 2020 Women On Boards Gender Diversity Index also reported that “of the Index companies in this cohort, 648 women hold 17.0 percent of board seats — an average of 1.7 women directors per board.” Conventional wisdom suggests that at least three women on a board creates adequate representation. Although the average company hasn’t reached this standard yet, there is a clear movement toward more equal gender representation. Eventually, failing to appoint at least one woman to a board of directors will be unheard of. The increasingly lonely Fortune 500 companies that do not have a single woman on their boards are depicted in this chart.

We challenge each of these Dinosaur companies to race to retirement, abandon their obsolete practices, earn their halos and clouds, and become the heroes of Dino Heaven. After clinging to gender inequality for so long, adding at least one woman to each company’s board of directors is a huge step in the right direction. What can be more exciting than doing the right thing to achieve Dino Heaven retirement?!

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