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Directors, chairpersons, executives, recruiters, and other professionals who assist corporate boards all agree that becoming a corporate director is a journey. The process may take one to five years and involves a lot of learning, networking, and strategic positioning. In other words, just like everything worth pursuing, it involves a lot of hard work! Yes, there are occasional glimpses of luck, but there are no magical moments, invisible hands, or other miracles.

Women Serve on Board guides anyone considering becoming a director, from professionals considering corporate board service in the distant future to seasoned professionals contemplating an imminent career change. We demystify the process, break down the steps, and answer the most common questions about corporate board service. We also provide examples of successful corporate director biographies and resumes. We share actionable strategies and worksheets to help identify your unique value proposition, elevate your profile, and refine your networking strategy.

You can use this information to start your corporate board journey today. Corporate board service is within your reach!

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